Homestead Hebrew Sunday School, c. 1950

Thank you, Paula Keizler Cramer, for sharing this wonderful picture of a Sunday School class c. 1950!  Paula was able to provide some names:

The names of some of the faces I recognize in the top row are Benj and Norman Weinberger, my brother, Jay Keizler, I think Judy Fischer.  Next row down Ruthie Stein, Sandy Salamon, Robert Steiner, Jerry Farfus, Stan Tractenberg, Carol Carpe, Arlene Brand.  Next row down is Ellie Weinberger.  That’s the best I can recall at the moment.

If you recognize anyone else, please add your names in the comments below or email me your information.

I am always looking for more pictures to add to this site, so please think about what pictures you have that capture the community!

Homestead Hebrew Sunday School, c. 1950

Homestead Hebrew Sunday School class, c. 1950.  Click on the image to view it larger.

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