Historical pictures of Homestead and its former residents. Check out the collections of family and business pictures. If you don’t see your family represented, please contact me so I can fix that!

The Ohel

The chapel on the cemetery is so unassuming you’d never guess what’s inside!

The Homestead Hebrew Chapel

The Homestead Hebrew Chapel in Beth Shalom in Squirrel Hill is an important place of memory for us Homestead descendants.


Tickets to High Holiday services and a Purim carnival, as well as a couple yizkor donation cards.

Vintage Groggers

The congregation offered to donated these standard metal groggers, and the History Center accepted the donation. Huh.

Ten Commandments Paddle

Yes, it’s a paddle depicting the ten commandments, but what was it for? Pictures (but no answers) in this post.

Videos 1959-1965

Thanks to Barry Reese, we can enjoy these fabulous videos of synagogue events from the 1950s and ’60s!

War Memorial

The war memorial in the Homestead Hebrew Cemetery honors sons of the community who lost their lives in WWI and WWII.

The Mervis Family

Photographs of Harry Mervis, his mother, and his aunt.

The Sisterhood Tablecloth

Measuring sixteen feet by five-and-a-half feet, this unique artifact honors some of the community’s leading families.

The Yahrzeit Plaques

Pictures of the yahrzeit tablets with transcribed names, as well as a history of the tablets themselves.

The Meyer I. Grinberg Family

The Grinbergs were amongst the earliest Jewish families. They were active in the shul and well-known in town as merchants.

Meyer I. Grinberg’s Store

Meyer I. Grinberg sold house furnishings and electrical supplies in his popular store.