Rabbi Goldberg and the High Holiday Choir

With this picture I found two lists naming everyone pictured (below).  One gives the date as 1924, but that is too early as Goldberg didn’t arrive until 1925.  The meeting minutes record how impressed the Board of Directors were with the quality Goldberg got out of the group.  The boys received a little bit of money for their participation.

Goldberg and choir

Choir annotated

Choir photograph of Homestead Hebrew Congregation, 1926-27

Hymie Forkosh, Abe Valinsky, Joe Kramer, Meyer Fox, Mr. Danzig, Ben Mermelstein, Rabbi Goldberg, Mr. Krotin, Mr. Jackson, Joe Averbach, Ed Mermelstein, Ertzy Cohen, Lou Weinberger, Dave Weinberger

Donated by Meyer Fox, 1985

Choir annotated (2)

This photo taken about the year 1924.  The names are in the order as you look at the picture.   Mr. Danzig, Rabbi Goldberg, and Mr. Krotin taught us kids Hebrew.  Bennie Mermelstein was a grocer and Mr. Jackson had a furniture story.  I believe Mr. Lenz took the picture.

  2 comments for “Rabbi Goldberg and the High Holiday Choir

  1. Ed Leefer
    October 20, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    My two uncles are in the above picture. Lou and Dave Weinberger. I belonged to this shul also and had my bar mitzvah there. I’ll have to go through the pictures that I saved when my uncle dies but there may be more pictures from Hebrew or Sunday school.
    Ed Leefer

  2. Nancy Goldberg Heyman
    November 3, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    That’s my paternal grandfather, Benjamin Goldberg. I had never seen this photo before – thank you.

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