Homestead B’rith Abraham Lodge

At a Glance

  • Active: 1907-1930s?
  • Records: none

Very little is known about this lodge.  The 1913 cornerstone-laying speech mentions that it was organized 2/17/1907, although the Homestead paper claimed it for March 17, 1907 (see article below).

Letterhead used for a document dated 1/28/1919 says they met the second and fourth Sundays of each month at 9:30 AM.

3/18/1907: IOBA lodge instituted yesterday!

3/18/1907: IOBA lodge instituted yesterday!


There are undated IOBA by laws with a list of members and a 1928 constitution and by-laws in the Rauh Jewish Archives’ holdings.  1  The book, “Ledgers of Individual Accounts 10/1/1909-9/31/1914,” mentions some deposits for gravestones being paid by IOBA.2  Some undated documents from the period when Pinkas was rabbi (1931-1944) also mention IOBA.  3

It was mentioned in the papers much less frequently than the IOBB lodge, though it appeared to have some social events.

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