The Ohel

The ohel, photographed September 2015.

The ohel, photographed September 2015.

A Resolution. Resolved and recommended by the Hevra Kadisha, a body of men, members of the Homestead Hebrew Cong. having charge of the cemetery, owned by the Homestead Hebrew Cong., a body of men doing business under the Charter of the State of Pa., shall erect a building on their cemetery, situated in Mifflin Township, Homeville, Pa.

— Meeting minutes of the H.H.C.R.S., 5/7/1922 1

Ohel Building Committee report total cost of building $6375.00.

— Meeting minutes of the H.H.C.R.S., 11/5/1922 2

The ohel (chapel) that stands on the cemetery today was built and dedicated in the summer of 1922.  You can read much more about it here.  What’s amazing about this unassuming little building is that the exterior and interior are covered with inscriptions honoring our ancestors who contributed to building and maintaining it!

Pictures of the inscriptions around the exterior of the house are in the slideshow at the bottom of this post.  But the real stunner is that just inside the front door is this marble tablet!

The marble table inside the ohel.

The marble table inside the ohel.

The ohel was turned into a home some years ago.  You can see the tenants’ shoes and bags at the bottom of the picture.  The curtains that I pulled back to take the picture are normally drawn over the tablet.

You’ll also see in the gallery below pencil drawings from the ’20s of additional inscriptions inside the building that once marked the windows and doors.  They aren’t there anymore.  The interior finishing appears fairly new; the renovations that made the ohel a home (if not an earlier round of work) must have removed them.  Alas.


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