Preparing for the New Shul, Aug. 1901-Dec. 1901

Between the cornerstone laying and dedication, the newspaper continued to report on the doings of the congregation.  There are three articles in this post:

New Hebrew Minister (8/30/1901)
Sold the Seats (12/1/1901)
Those Who Purchased Seats (12/4/1901)

August 30, 1901

August 30, 1901

New Hebrew Minister

Rev. G. Mendellssohn, formerly of Punxsutawney, has accepted the charge of the Homestead Hebrew Congregation of the Rodef Schulem and will take charge at once. He is quite a learned divine and will become popular with the members of his fold in a short time. The new minister assisted at the cornerstone laying held by the local congregation a few days ago.

December 1, 1901

December 1, 1901

Sold the Seats.

Yesterday the committee of the Rodef Schulem, Hebrew congregation of this place, sold a majoriy of the seats of the new synagogue on Ammon street to the members of the church. Some handsome prices were paid for several of the seats.

December 4, 1901

December 4, 1901

Those Who Purchased Seats

In the New Hebrew Synagogue on Ammon Street.

(Note: This article appeared top center on the front page of the paper!)

The new synagogue of the Rodef Shulem, Hebrew Congregation, which is situation on Ammon street, will be dedicated in a short time. The exercises in connection will be very interesting and many of the leading lights of the church from a distance will be here to take part in the ceremonies in connection with the dedication. On Sunday the sale of seats in the synagogue was held. There are 80 seats in the church, 40 down stairs and 40 on the second floor. The seats in the rear of the church are marked from A to F while those toward the front entrance are numbered from 1 to 51. Each seat down stairs is numbered the same as the corresponding one upstairs and the people who purchased one owns the other. The purchases of seats and their numbers are as follows:

A, H. Polak;
B, H. Moskowitz;
C, A. Heepsch;
D, S. Markowitz;
E, I. Samuels;
F, M. Frankle;
4, M. Grinberg;
5 and 6, I.S. Grossman;
7, R. Schermer;
8, E. Schwartz;
10, N. Schwartz;
11 and 12, Joseph Lasdusky;
13, M. Veiss;
14, B. Friedlander;
15, B. Gluck;
16, H. Haupt;
17, P. Cohn;
18, S. Mervis;
19 and 20, M.D. Weiss;
21, M. Veiss;
22, L. Glick;
23, Marana;
24, Joe Fried;
25, P. Cohn;
26, M. Fogle;
28, S. Grinberg;
30 and 31, A. Marcus;
32 and 33, N. Eskowitz;
39, A. Lefkowitz;
46, M. Devaye;
47, J. Miller;
51, M. Markowitz.

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